It seemed impossible the first of the week to be doing any fieldwork. But some dared the odds and found that it was just a thin layer of soil that was saturated. In some places it just didn’t seem likely. But after opening up the ground it dried out nicely and so the mad rush of planting began. Very nice weather except just a tad too warm for me. I’d say the corn crop was well over 75% planted in places. Heard a few lucky ones have completed corn and beans for the season. Spraying has taken a back seat to planting, so I’m curious to see what chemical plans will be used. Anhydrous and dry fertilizer are still being applied in a few spots. Can’t stress this point enough — watch for the other drivers on the road. I just about had an incident passing a tractor last week. Fortunately, the farmer saw me in the nick of time, but you can’t be too careful. Whether you’re the tractor driver or the car driver, take an extra second and check twice. Be safe all.