Like a majority of our growing season, we received a just-in-time rain last week. Nine-tenths landed in the gauge and pretty well assured pollination would be completed without the stress of a hot, dry stretch on the crop. We are at brown silk on our April 28-29 and May 8-11 plantings. There is some murmuring about lower kernel counts on the plantings around April 19. If you couple that with the now distant memory of reduced stands throughout the county from that planting time frame, it might be an interesting class we could be schooled in this harvest. The mindset of “get it done yesterday” from three months ago could be painful. One seed rep suggested 100 bushel swings between the planting dates. Cover crops are going in the wheat stubble. The forecast for upper 70s and lower 80s will be a change from the plethora of 90s in our rearview mirror.