We took the day off Sunday for Mother’s Day. We had corn in the ground, a fire in the stove and rain/snow slop in the air. It was a drying day Monday and a strip building day Tuesday for beans to get planted. I keep wanting to get excited about finishing up planting, but most of the corn is still waiting in the ground for the afternoon temperatures to warm enough to get moving. It finally got in the low 70s with 1.25 inches of rain Thursday night. I expect my crop will finally start germinating. Many of my neighbors are putting the planting equipment back in the corner of their sheds. I’m probably going to be about three bean planting days behind them. The granddaughters just got their 4-H hogs in time to hear the livestock show could be a “virtual hog show”. I doubt the technology can replace the excitement of grandstands, corn dogs and dust in the show barn, but we’ll all do our best.