Last week saw .15 of an inch drizzle and a couple days flirting with 90 degrees. Corn on my last-planted field is spiking through while I’m calling the co-op to line up a tool bar for sidedressing on my earliest planted corn. The dark color and fast growth are both telling me the plants are feeling pretty good with the current conditions. There was a tremendous amount of first cut hay made last week. With the abundant subsoil moisture and recent dry stretch, the quality and tonnage have been great. Beans are emerging, the wheat is heading out, and unfortunately, it's that time of year for rock picking. I've got to figure out what I’m going to bribe the kids and grandkids with to get them heaving 2 to 3 tons onto a hay rack. I don’t think the promise of fresh air and easy social distancing in a cornfield is going to cut it.