Jefferson County

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Brent Corners farms in Jefferson County where he raises corn and soybeans. He is a second-generation CropWatcher.

Harvest remains full steam ahead. Dry as a popcorn farm with 30 to 35 mph winds. Got almost a tenth of inch Thursday. Wheat is still just laying in the dust waiting to bust. Hammer down and be safe everyone.  

We’ve still got our head above the dust here. Harvest still marching on, wheat sowing also full steam ahead. We went from almost long sleeve weather back to pool party weather. Guess it just goes with the "2020" saga. 

Harvest is full steam ahead. Got a little rain last week. It helped settle the dust for five or 10 minutes. Now to sow wheat. It'll be in the dust. We just hope the old wive’s tale is true.

Harvest started for some, mainly corn and a few beans. Dry isn't the word for the ground conditions. It’s so hard you couldn't drive a finish nail in the ground with a 10 pound sledge. Wheat sowing should be a blast in these parts with no rain in sight.