Jefferson County

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Brent Corners farms in Jefferson County where he raises corn and soybeans. He is a second-generation CropWatcher.

In my neighborhood, a lot has been done. Now lots of sitting and counting puddles. Wheat heading and more rain in the forecast - nothing new. People gearing up to put on fungicide. Some corn and beans are up and others trying. Looking pretty good for all the water it's getting and cooler temps. 

Snow and frost here April 21. Some had beans and corn up; we’ll see what happens. As of Thursday, some are done with corn and beans, and some are done with just corn and others not started yet. Another wacky year.  

The ‘21 planting season is like a first-time driver – gas, brake, gas, brake. Just can't get ole Jack Frost to leave with his cool temps. Some planters rolling, while others wait on warmer weather. Who knows!

Some around here planted corn and beans; lots of fieldwork going on.  Spraying wheat and burndown. Got ½ of an inch of rain Wednesday night.