Jefferson County

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Brent Corners farms in Jefferson County where he raises corn and soybeans. He is a second-generation CropWatcher.

Ahhhhhhhhh the nice cool nights and mornings are a welcome relief from the heat. A few guys in the area are into some corn moisture around 25%. Got lots of beans around that should be ready in about week or 10 days. Almost hammer time!!

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We received 0.5 inches Monday and another 0.5 inches on Tuesday, that will work real nice on helping finish beans out. The cool weather is welcome. I'm sure the day after Labor Day there will be guys with itchy trigger fingers to try some corn.  

Hot and dry here. Still need a rain to help beans fill, but rain chances keep disappearing. Hope the beans can get by on heavy dews and foggy mornings because that's all we’ve been getting.

Hooooooot here the past week. We got some to no rain early in week. As I sit here and send in this report, lightning is in the western sky…one can only hope. It will definitely help corn to finish and get beans to the next shower.

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Hot and humid here. Hope crops like it because it's hard on everyone else. We need some precipitation, the deluge has run out, and corn needs to fill and some beans.

Rain and more rain the other Friday; lots of local flooding in the area. Some crops in bottoms are done for and some might survive, now back to the hot and humid weather like normal. Beans in low places are yellow and need a life vest, I think.

Rain, rain and more rain last weekend. Anywhere from 4.5 to 6 inches and to…lost count. Definitely not complaining in the second week of July, and more coming as I'm typing this out. Corn receiving fungicide and looks good, but long way from the bins still. It'll all come out in the wash though.

Some rain before the Fourth of July from 2 inches to 0.7. Corn tassels coming on like wildfire - could use some more water and coolness now. Stubble beans some look good. Some not up yet. Time will tell.

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Wheat harvest is done for some, and some got little to go.  Haven't really heard of any yield bragging going on so who knows what it made. Dry, dry, dry here. Some planted double-crop beans in hard dirt if they could penetrate the ground and some waiting on the rain they are calling for. Eit…

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Wheat harvest is off and running at full steam - some dry, some still has moisture. Need a good shot of water sometime soon. Getting a little dusty and wheat fields hard as a rock.

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Places missing rains and corn twisting and other places getting floods. Wheat started to turn in a hurry with the hotter weather, and still looks good but it's not in the bin yet.

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Now it rains whenever a cloud goes by, LOL. Hope it does that in July and August. Wheat is starting to turn slowly. Many here are done, just waiting on wheat harvest.

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Got some rain Thursday evening. It came fast and fields flooded creeks out. I don’t know if we needed it that way. I guess we take it how we can get it.

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Was calling for 2 to 3 inches last weekend and ended up with about nine-tenths of an inch. Lucked out with a nice shower. Now all are hammer down with the 80-plus temperatures.

It’s finally dry enough to go again. Corn and beans that have been in ground for six weeks don't look great and neither does the three-week stuff. Wheat is getting fungicide and looks good. Hopefully can get some warmer temperatures and get crops going.

In my neighborhood, a lot has been done. Now lots of sitting and counting puddles. Wheat heading and more rain in the forecast - nothing new. People gearing up to put on fungicide. Some corn and beans are up and others trying. Looking pretty good for all the water it's getting and cooler temps. 

Snow and frost here April 21. Some had beans and corn up; we’ll see what happens. As of Thursday, some are done with corn and beans, and some are done with just corn and others not started yet. Another wacky year.  

The ‘21 planting season is like a first-time driver – gas, brake, gas, brake. Just can't get ole Jack Frost to leave with his cool temps. Some planters rolling, while others wait on warmer weather. Who knows!

Some around here planted corn and beans; lots of fieldwork going on.  Spraying wheat and burndown. Got ½ of an inch of rain Wednesday night.