Livingston County

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Mark Kerber and his son raise corn and soybeans near Chatsworth in southeastern Livingston County. Mark is one of our longest serving Cropwatchers.

Another good week of harvesting. Probably 90% done in soybeans and 60% on corn in our area. Fertilizing is taking place on days when the wind doesn't blow your hat off. Yields are all over the board. As always, soil type and rainfall make the difference. Markets are hanging in there.

Harvest is in full swing. It was a busy week to see soybean fields disappear with sunny, warm days. Corn will be more manageable now after drying all week. Some tillage and fertilizing is taking place. Nice to get trucks and equipment in fields with no mud, yet. Markets are doing well.

Harvest has started for many as early varieties of corn and beans have been harvested. Yields are average. Farmers are noticing a definite yield bump on fungicide sprayed crops. Late maturing numbers are a little green yet, especially if planted in late May. Markets have responded to a bulli…

Harvest has started for many of us. It takes a day when starting to get things set, adjusted and see if anything breaks. For those who can’t find any crops dry enough, looks like mowing roadsides is keeping them busy. Markets had a nice rally only to come back down.