Mercer County

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Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.

Soybeans are rapidly disappearing ahead of the weekend rain forecast. I finished beans Thursday … tough cutting, but good yields. The Deere strike is making for a more stressful harvest. There is no running to Milan for will call parts.

Rain about every other day slowed harvest. It was dry enough to take the 2 or so inches of rain but it is pretty soft for trucks in fields. There are lots of beans to be cut.

Rain Thursday morning amounted to 0.25 inches. A few were back in the field by afternoon. I am 25% done with corn and at 60% with beans.

Harvest is rolling uninterrupted by weather so far. Armyworms have arrived here, and hay fields were being sprayed. So far corn yields are kind of average, which is disappointing for having a favorable growing season. Tar spot and other diseases took their toll.

Monday night’s storm amounted to 1 inch or more of rain and some unwelcome wind. Some corn fields that looked good don’t now. There are quite a few beans ready to cut but corn is going to have priority where it’s going down.

Another dry week. Processor bids close to $6 helped get some combines rolling. River bids are much lower with multiple problems, including closing for dredging near Keithsburg. Some early soybeans have been cut with good yields.

A dry week. Corn harvest will start this week on some early-maturity corn. You can easily see what corn didn’t get fungicide this time of the year. There is almost a two-point difference in moisture on a 108-day hybrid I checked from treated and missed.

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I had 2.5 inches of rain Tuesday. There were a couple of flash flood warnings in the county where up to 7 inches fell to the east. The northwest part of the county got over an inch but has been notably drier over the growing season.

We had a couple of nice showers this week. Husks on earlier maturity corn are brown and my 2.4 maturity beans are just starting to turn. Harvest is just around the corner.

It was a dry week. Corn yield estimates are coming in high but not record high. There may be some harvest in a couple weeks. I am seeing sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soybeans.

Storms came through Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. We had gotten this far into the growing season without high wind, but these storms did some serious damage to some corn hybrids in parts of the county. Soybeans have good potential with this latest rain.

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We had a nice shower Saturday morning (July 31). It appears corn yields will be pretty good. There is nitrogen deficiency where water stood earlier in the season.

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We had a nice, unexpected rain Thursday. I attended a meeting in the panhandle of Texas. They just harvested a great wheat crop, but I heard several stories of losses from combines being down and parts not readily available. It could be an interesting harvest here.

It was a dry week. There has been a significant lack of sunshine from rainy weather and now smoke. The effect on crops remains to be seen.

I had nearly 4 inches of rain for the week. Some fungicides have been flown on, but the weather has held up application. Tar spot on corn has been reported.

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It was a fairly dry week, so far. Corn has begun to tassel, and the small amount of wheat grown here has been cut. The Mercer County Fair, which got its start 168 years ago, is going on July 13-17. More information can be found at

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The county is like a microcosm of the Corn Belt this week with some getting just enough rain to get by and some suffering from too much rain. Some places had over 6 inches and there is ponding, and creeks were out. I sprayed our apple trees and blueberries for Japanese beetles. It appears th…

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More rainy days than not this week. Amounts started out spotty, a tenth to 3 inches the first couple rains, but later rains seemed more general in nature. We should be in good shape to get through pollination.

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It was a hot, dry week. Some corn has been rolling leaves in the heat of the day. Soybeans in 15-inch rows have filled in the rows on early planting dates and look good. Post-spraying of beans is going on. It was hard to have the conditions to apply dicamba before June 20.

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Rain was extremely spotty with many not getting anything. The lack of steering winds caused rains that popped up to stay in place Monday. I had 2.8 inches on a Rock Island County farm. Near Aledo, I had from one-tenth to 1.5 inches within a couple miles. There is still a field of beans to pl…

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It has gotten dry enough to get everyone finished planting. There were some bottom fields planted and/or replanted to corn just now. Pythium caused some serious stand reductions in corn. The first cutting of hay is getting put up rain free.

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Rainfall varied around the county from a couple of tenths to over an inch for the week. Planters were running where they could and maybe with a drier first week in June everything will get in. Post-spraying of corn has begun.

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I finished planting before another 2 to 3 inches of rain fell during the weekend. As wet as we are, it is hard to believe parts of the state are dry. There are soybeans yet to be planted, maybe 25% to go. The 80-degree weather will be welcomed to get some growth on crops that have been just …

We had a couple of inches of rain during the weekend. It’s a bit wet yet, but I am hoping to finish corn before the next rain. It was 35 degrees Wednesday morning, killing some sensitive plants in the garden. Soybeans are finally emerging with warmer temperatures.

We had another half to .6 of an inch of rain Monday afternoon. I went up to plant in Rock Island County Thursday and didn’t see much activity along the way. The first planted corn is emerging nicely. I haven’t noticed any soybeans up yet.

 Around a half-inch of rain fell Wednesday. Good planting progress was made before then. I’m about done with beans and have a decent start on corn. Hard to say when the best time to plant corn is, but there always seems to be a day or two that you shouldn’t have planted, while beans are much…

The rain and snow event was thankfully a bust for us here with nothing measurable. A few planters are running despite the 2-inch bare soil temperature of 35 and a low of 26 degrees this morning (Thursday). At least the trend will be in the right direction. There are plenty of wet spots remai…

We had steady rain during the weekend, with amounts for the week from 4 to 6 inches. The rainfall record for April 10 was broken in the Quad Cities. Flood warnings were issued and several roads were closed. Cold weather isn’t doing much to dry things up, so we will be late out of the gate wh…

Field conditions were ideal before midweek rains amounting to about 1½ inches fell. A few soybeans were planted, and some corn as well, south of here. A cooler forecast is taking the edge off planting fever for now. Chad Bell has begun his YouTube channel, Bell Family Farms. He will do a goo…

It was 22 degrees this morning (Friday) and will be close to 80 for highs in a few days. Fieldwork is just getting started after frequent rains in March. This time last year it was TP that was scarce, now it is liable to be about anything you need is on back order.