Peoria County

Mary farms with her husband, Jacob, in Marshall and Peoria counties. They have two children, Kayla and Kyle.

It was a rainy, overcast week in our area with very little fieldwork done. While some of us have finished planting, there are still producers with fields left to go. Some nice warm, sunny days would be great right about now.

We finally got a good stretch of weather and finished planting! … For the first time anyway. Those previous rains really put a crust on some of our earlier planted corn, and it is having a hard time coming up. They are calling for rain the next three days in our area. Many guys were racing t…

We had a couple hours in the field here and there last week but mostly it was wet and cold. They are even calling for below-freezing temperatures in the forecast. If we could just get a nice week of warmer and drier conditions, we could get so much done.  

Last week was not very productive in our area. We had 4 inches total from three rains, including some intense hail that made us glad we didn't have any corn or beans above the ground. The wind has helped dry things a little, but we have a ways to go before we are back in the field.