Received .8 to 2.5 inches of rain in areas across the county. Our farm received 1 inch, which slowed harvest for a day or two. We started shelling corn much drier than we thought it would be at 17.3%. We would like to harvest 20% to 25%. The first fields have gotten ahead of us. Moisture has dropped rapidly in both corn and soybeans. Heard of some soybeans with 9% moisture already and corn 15%. Very small kernels on a very large cob -test weight should be good. Lots of fields of soybeans and corn harvested. One of the truck drivers at the elevator said he had worked 16 days straight on Sept. 23. I have not heard much yield information yet. One farmer thought his soybeans looked very poor (short and two beans in a pod). They surprised him at 75 bushels per acre. A field of corn came in at 213, average or a little below. There are a lot of soybeans that will be harvested in the next week or two. There are areas around Auburn and west of Springfield with 60% to 75% of the crop harvested. Overall across the county 30% to 40% of corn and 15% to 30% of soybeans are harvested. Be careful -- your family and America NEEDS you.