Rain is the main topic this month. Around 8.3 inches so far in the last 30 days. Corn planted in April has had fungicide put on acres that we thought needed it. We’re waiting to apply it to soybeans when they’re ready. May have to fly it on now. Equipment maintenance and mowing between rains as well as spraying field edges and places where either deer or water damaged crop stands. Hauling lime and rock has also been on the agenda. Grain bins are empty. Prices for corn are much lower than they were the first of the month with beans trying to hang in there, but with looks of crop, economy and exports, I’d say it’s gonna be pretty ugly profitwise. High yields where we have a good stand should be attainable, and we’re gonna need all we can get. Have a great week, be safe and stay well! Hopefully, we get another bounce in the market to sell at profitable levels.