The weather has been changing over the course of the last two weeks. The daytime temperatures have gradually increased up to the high 90s and predictions of reaching the 100-degree mark. We also haven’t received any rain for the same time frame. Conditions have become hot and dry, just in time for the summer season to begin. The corn crop has been tolerating the heat by rolling of the plants leaves but development of the crop has slowed down for the lack of rain. The soybean crop seems to be holding up better during the heat, but it also could use a good soaking rain. The one benefit of the heat is to dry down the maturing wheat crop. Farmers are starting to harvest wheat and are drying the grain down. With the continued hot and dry days, the grain will be field dried. Also, it has been ideal conditions for baling hay. Local grain bids are corn $6.38 and soybeans $13.27. Drink plenty of water and have a safe week.