Daytime temperatures continued to climb last week. Highs were in the mid to upper 90s with the heat index above 100 for a couple of days. The heat did trigger spotty summer storms. Rainfall amounts varied from a light shower to more than an inch, depending on where you were in the county. There was even reports of hail in some areas. A second cutting of alfalfa hay was successfully made. Alfalfa growers are having to deal with yield-robbing pests. Additional cornfields are reaching the pollination stage. The corn plants seem to enjoy the hot, humid days as it reaches this stage of growth. First-crop soybeans continue to look good since the crop has adequate moisture to grow on for now. Several fields have received a post-herbicide treatment. Most farmers have finished planting double-crop soybeans. There has been a good emergence of this late-planted crop due to the timely rains we had. Local grain bids are corn, $3.49; soybeans, $8.99; wheat, $5.21. Have a safe week.