Another week has passed with very little field activity. It seems when the soil surface begins to dry off another storm front moves through to make it wet. Warmer temperatures during the day only triggered the mid- to late-afternoon rainstorms. We had more than 4 inches of rain for the week, and it was raining as I wrote this report. On Memorial Day, we saw a sprayer working in a field and a couple of small creek bottom fields that had been recently planted. However, the most work I saw was a few pick-your-own customers picking strawberries, and they were practicing the COVID-19 social distancing recommendation.

Growth of corn plants ranges from 2 to 6 inches, and they continue to improve in appearance with the warmer temperatures. However, with recent rains, pooling of water is creating bare spots within the fields. Wheat fields are noticeably changing in color as the crop continues to develop. The plants are beginning to produce seed. Hay fields are looking rough since farmers haven’t had a good weather opportunity to make the first cutting. They are anxious to get this cutting out of the way since quality will continue to decline with the wet weather. Local grain bids are corn, $3.24; soybeans, $8.44; wheat, $4.97. Have a safe week.