Last week started out wet after 0.6 inches of rain fell Oct. 3. It rained pretty good for a half hour or so. We got back to corn late Monday morning and will stay in corn for a while as it’s now down to 14% to 16% moisture. Most of us signed contracts for LP dryer gas that will not be needed now. You just never know. My agronomist is telling me the tar spot disease did not blow in with Hurricane Ida and now we’re stuck with it for a while. That’s not what I wanted to hear. The near tropic summer we had is to blame. Corn leaves were too wet, too long all summer. Not many beans were cut this week in Stark County. With chances of rain most of the week, we chose to stay on corn. That strategy worked well until Thursday morning when we had around 1 inch of rain. With more showers in the area, we may be out of the fields for a while.