Sizing up the Corn Belt

(Illinois Farm Bureau file photo)

DTN Chief Agriculture Meteorologist Bryce Anderson declared Illinois “the big winner” when it came to rainfall and crop impact during the last week. 

“There were some areas of north central and central Illinois that were needing rainfall and here we got the rain moving in to really help things out,” he said during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio.

As far at the remainder of the Corn Belt is concerned?

“That may be a little iffy because parts of the eastern Corn Belt in Indiana and Ohio are still pretty dry and they need to have some more rainfall,” Anderson said.

Some rain has developed in Minnesota that’s been very useful.

“Iowa has been kind of varied,” Anderson said. “Central and eastern Iowa have had rain and western Iowa is still kind of on the dry side.”

In the far western fringes of the Corn Belt, Nebraska has had some rain and northern Missouri has had some rain.

“So the dry areas are maybe not quite as large as they had been,” Anderson said. “In the meantime, you’ve got some production areas that are doing quite well.”