Farm Bureau pollinator projects flourish

A sign marks the White County Farm Bureau pollinator plot, one of three projects fostered by White and Wayne County Farm Bureau members. (Photo by Doug Anderson)

The Wayne and White County Farm Bureaus have been involved in three recent projects to promote our pollinators. The goals of the projects are to not only increase pollinator habitat but also to use the habitats as an opportunity to reach the public with a positive message of how farmers care for the environment we live in, the necessity of pollinators in food production and an eye-catching visual that entices the public to learn more about pollinators.

We began our efforts by converting a 90-by-100-foot lot the White County Farm Bureau owns into our own personal pollinator garden. Why mow the grass when you can grow flowers? We installed a permanent sign that reaches everyone who visits the Farm Bureau building.

Our next effort was to create a Pollinator Garden Grant program in Wayne and White Counties. We offer free pollinator seed to FFA Chapters and 4-H Clubs that want to plant and maintain their own pollinator garden.

The latest project was a joint effort of eight county Farm Bureaus, Wabash Valley Service Company and the Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter at Wabash Valley College. This project was featured in the Sept. 14 edition of FarmWeek. The college converted a parcel of land they own into a pollinator field.

Developing floral habitats in your county is a great way to educate the public on the importance of pollinators, reinforce a positive environmental message and provide a learning opportunity for our youth.

Doug Anderson serves as manager of Wayne and White County Farm Bureaus.