Following publication in the Feb. 16 Illinois Register, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) dicamba rules for the 2021 growing season are official and took effect Feb. 5. The products include XtendiMax with Vapor Grip Technology, Engenia Herbicide and Tavium Plus Vapor Grip Technology.

The federal label was approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in October, and requires an approved pH-buffering agent, also known as a volatility reducing agent, be tank mixed with dicamba products prior to all applications; a downwind buffer of 240 feet and 310 feet in areas where listed endangered species are located; and additional recordkeeping items. With that decision, U.S. EPA also stated that it will no longer allow the use of Special Local Needs labels, otherwise known as Section 24(c) labels. Section 24(c) cannot be used by states to add restrictions.

IDOA is imposing additional application requirements beyond what is required by USEPA.

These include:

  • A June 20 application cutoff date. (This is in place of the federal cutoff date of June 30.)
  • Temperature restriction of 85 degrees.
  • Require applicators to first consult the Field Watch sensitive crop registry.
  • Prohibiting application if the wind is blowing toward any Illinois Nature Preserves Commission site that is adjacent to the proposed field of application.
  • Prohibiting application when the wind is blowing toward an adjacent residential area.