From July to September, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) issued more than $29 million in water infrastructure loans to seven local governments and sanitary districts. Made possible through IEPA’s State Revolving Fund program, the low-interest loans provide funding for wastewater, stormwater and drinking water projects.

Five of the seven loan recipients qualified for more than $5 million in principal forgiveness.

The projects, loan amount and principal forgiveness include:

  • City of Collinsville, new biosolids process building and storage facility, $6.898 million
  • Galesburg Sanitary District, new ultraviolet disinfection system, $5.749 million, $1.51 million
  • Village of South Chicago Heights, updating control of water distribution system, $263,5126, $131,758
  • Village of Shabbona, new water treatment plant, $1.8 million, $400,000
  • Village of Tilton, new sanitary sewer and lift stations, $8.647 million, $2.594 million
  • Village of Addison, water meter replacement, $4.946 million 
  • Village of Loda, new 70,000-gallon groundwater storage tank and related equipment, $1 million, $400,000

IEPA’s State Revolving Fund includes two loan programs, the Water Pollution Control Loan Program that funds both wastewater and stormwater projects, and the Public Water Supply Loan Program for drinking water projects. The programs receive federal capitalization funding annually, which is combined with state matching funds, interest earnings, repayment money and the sale of bonds to finance infrastructure projects. State matching funds for FY2020-2024 are being provided through the Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan.