You’ve heard of No-Shave November; out in the countryside, some are pushing No-Till November, an effort to promote the importance of soil health and one farming practice that contributes to it.

The effort is being promoted by the Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts (AISWCD).

“It’s a really fun campaign designed to draw a correlation between no-till and soil health,” said AISWCD Executive Director Grant Hammer during a recent visit with RFD Radio. “Soil health is an important concept to conservationists throughout the state”

He calls soil health a “cornerstone principle of conservation.”

“We’re pleased to join the Natural Resources Conservation Service in helping spread the message and awareness of the benefits of no-till through this fun campaign,” Hammer said.

The association is utilizing its social media presence to promote the month by using the hashtag #donotdisturb or #leavethestubble.

“I’ve seen photos of people who are letting their mustaches go throughout the month or letting their beards go,” Hammer said. “We would certainly welcome any of those fun pictures, if you tag us on Twitter, we would gladly retweet those photos.”

The effort is all about putting soil health front and center for at least one month out of the year.

“Healthy soils can do so much,” Hammer said. “Uncompacted healthy soils are able to absorb more water and improve water quality, it’s just such an important concept.”