Western Illinois University (WIU) will host a pennycress field day from 10 a.m. to noon May 20 at the Agriculture Field Laboratory, Macomb.

The event will showcase a new winter annual field crop with researchers and industry representatives discussing their work and answering questions.

In 2019, WIU Agriculture Professor Win Phippen received a $10 million biofuel federal research grant to study pennycress as a new cash cover crop for the Midwest. The research project covers plant breeding, agronomics, ecosystems services, supply chain and outreach activities associated with pennycress commercialization.

During the field day, the university will launch a pennycress biofuel project that will start commercially in 2022. Results from 2020 will be shared, and guided plot tours will be offered.

The event is open free to the public and registration is not required. Those seeking more information or wanting to bring a large group should contact Phippen at wb-phippen@wiu.edu. Updates and video clips are available here.