Winter has finally arrived in Illinois with full force. And the arctic air will hang around well into next week.

“A true arctic air mass has settled down from Canada into the northern half of the country and it’s pushed all the way down into the southern Plains of the southern Midwest so far,” said Freese-Notis meteorologist Dan Hicks.

Sub-zero nights in the northern part of Illinois will likely continue into early next week.

“Things don’t be appear to be changing much now,” Hicks said. “This colder weather pattern looks like it’s going to stick with us through early next week.”

Highs this week will struggle to get out of the single digits in northern Illinois and 20s and low 30s in the southern part of the state.

“Certainly in northern Illinois, whenever it is clear to partly cloudy at night, temperatures will drop below zero and really no sign of any warm up coming into the first part of new week,” Hicks said.