Illinois can expect a generous week of rainfall, according to DTN Chief Agricultural Meteorologist Bryce Anderson.

“At this point in the season, I think that’s going to be pretty beneficial,” he said during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio. “There was obviously quite a bit of heat and some pretty strong windy conditions when we got into the mid and latter part of last week.”

Some areas of Illinois even saw fire weather watches and red flag warnings because of the dry and windy conditions.

“So, topsoil dried out pretty quickly,” Anderson said. “We do need topsoil improvement just about everywhere relative to a year ago.”

Between Wednesday and Sunday, most of Illinois will have a good chance of rain, he said.

“I’m looking here at just a little bit over an inch, nothing real heavy at any one time,” he said. “We might get about a half-inch on Thursday and maybe .10 to .15 on Friday and then another half-inch on Saturday and then back to .10 to .15 on Sunday.”

That type of pace should allow the moisture to work its way into the soil profile.

“That’s a pretty good spacing out if that forecast verifies,” Anderson said.

After Tuesday, more seasonable temperatures should also be arriving for much of Illinois.