Excellence in Ag Competition

Joe Goodman of Xenia competed Tuesday in the Young Farmers and Ranchers Excellence in Ag Competition during the 2021 American Farm Bureau Federation Convention.

Goodman gave a virtual presentation about his personal and professional background to a panel of judges.

Judges evaluated competitors on their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations. He did not advance to the Top 10.

“Being chosen from all the great young agriculturalists to represent our state is a humbling honor,” Goodman told FarmWeek. “Even though the format for the national contest was virtual, it proves that advocating for agriculture can still be done in today’s landscape. Thanks to everyone for their help and support."

Goodman works as an AgriEdge Specialist for Syngenta while his wife, Larissa, works as the agriculture coordinator for Clay County Farm Bureau. They also grow corn, soybeans and raise beef cattle. Most recently, they incorporated cover crops and haylage into their operation for the conservation and economic benefits.

Goodman has been very involved in his community by serving on the township and county board. He is also a volunteer with Ag in the Classroom and a 4-H mentor. His Farm Bureau involvement comprises a variety of activities on the state and county level.

“As I look back on the process of putting together a presentation, I keep coming back to the quote or the slogan, ‘Make the best even better.’ I think about that for a couple reasons, one being agriculture. Being part of one of the best industries anyone could ask to be a part of … we have to make that even better. I think about my home operation, I think about my little boy. How do I make it better for him and future generations? But in order to make something better, you have to have a strong foundation. For me, that’s my family. My wife, Larissa, of 12 years and our son, Rhett, who will be turning four next month. I feel honored and blessed to have grown up and been part of a family that had a lot of emphasis on hard work, integrity and honesty. But I feel even more blessed to marry into a family that shares those same life values.”