Somehow it's December already, and with that comes mild temperatures. Yes, you read that right. 

“We’ve got a northwesterly flow in the jet stream aloft,” said Meteorologist Dan Hicks with Freese-Notis Weather during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio. “As long as that flow is not too much north and a little bit more west it tends to bring some fairly mild weather to the Midwest.”

Pacific air masses are impacting Illinois weather at this time as opposed to Arctic and Canadian air.

“At times we’ve had that colder air push down into the Midwest during November and bring some cold weather but overall, it’s been a pretty nice fall,” Hicks said.

November weather data shows temperatures have been “a little bit” below normal over most of Illinois.

“We’ve had some wide swings back and forth compared to normal every few days,” Hicks said.

The most outstanding feature of the month has been below normal precipitation.

“This is the case in Illinois and quite a bit of the Midwest,” Hicks said. “Most of Illinois reporting below normal precipitation and you can find a few locations reporting more than about 20 or 25 percent of the normal amount for November.”