Looking for something positive in 2020? DTN Chief Agriculture Meteorologist Bryce Anderson points to ideal harvest weather.

“That is one real benefit with this dry pattern,” Anderson said during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio. “There’s just all sorts of angles that come into play here.”

That includes grain quality, which he said should be better served because of the milder conditions.

“There’s not going to be the need to handle the crop quite as much in order to get it into a proper storage moisture rating,” Anderson said. “Also there’s less expense for drying due to the fact that there’s going to be a lot of in field drying.”

All those dynamics should also result in less stress for farmers getting the crop in the bin.

“That cannot be over emphasized,” Anderson said. “We know that it’s just been an incredible year with a lot of problems and a lot of real challenges, but with the harvest weather looking as favorable as it is that should be beneficial from a safety stand point for this harvest.”

Dry and warm conditions will continue through the weekend in Illinois with some areas of the state seeing 80–degree temperatures Wednesday.