There's another important message to share during National Farm Safety and Health Week — proper mapping.

Farmers should ensure proper maps are available so everyone in the operation knows how to get to all fields in the event of an emergency.

“Make copies of those maps and put those in the combine, trucks, tractors,” said Farm Safety Specialist Amy Rademaker with Carle Foundation Hospital.

That information is crucial because time is of the essence.

“If an emergency happens on a field that doesn’t have a physical address you can get help there immediately,” Rademaker said.

“The success rate of a patient coming into the hospital really depends on how quickly emergency responders can get to them and get them to the hospital.”

She said proper nutrition and hydration remains key during harvest season.

“Staying hydrated and eating the proper nutrition to keep us awake and alert is key,” she said. “Getting off the tractor every now and then to walk around and do a safety check and taking extra time also helps.”

National Farm Safety and Health Week wraps up Saturday.