Hope you enjoyed those warmer temperatures during the weekend. DTN Chief Agriculture Meteorologist Bryce Anderson said cooler temps will stick around for the first half of May.

“It’s going to be fairly long lived,” he said during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio. “There’s going to be a real strong, widespread trough in the upper atmosphere, all the way from northern Canada, that runs clear south into central Texas.”

That feature will dominate the temperature pattern over the next week to 14 days.

“The trends on temperatures are going to be below normal and that’s going to start having an impact on this early crop progress,” he said.

Plenty of planting progress was made over the last week with a 29% jump for the national corn crop.

“But temperatures over the next week are going to struggle to get out of the of the 60s,” Anderson said. “Along with that we’re going to see some periodic rains, especially during the coming weekend and then pretty much all the way through next week with quite a few showers across Illinois occurring every day.”

Anderson expects warmer temps during the back half of the month.