An uneasy feeling continues to build after heavy January rains drenched portions of Illinois during the weekend. That’s not a good sign after the flooding issues the state experienced last spring and summer.

“The system that moved through the Midwest last weekend really produced unusually heavy precipitation amounts for mid-winter,” said meteorologist Dan Hicks with Freese-Notis Weather during a visit with RFD Radio. “A lot of that fell in the form of rain with some very heavy rainfall for this time of year in Illinois and surrounding areas.”

Many areas of Illinois had between 1 to 3 inches of precipitation just from that one system.

“And I know a few spots had even more than that and that also was the case not only here in Illinois, but on through the eastern Midwest, the southern Great Lakes and also extending back into Missouri, eastern Kansas and down into the southern part of the country.”

Prior to that system, soils had already been “fairly wet” in many areas.

“So, the fact that the soils were wet and in some cases were frozen, a lot of that moisture ran off and we saw some fairly widespread localized flooding with some of these heavy rains also,” Hicks said.