Illinois Farm Bureau recently selected Sydney Miller, University of Illinois, as the recipient of a loan through the 2021 Illinois Veterinary Education and Training (IVET) program.

Miller is a second-year vet student at the U of I College of Veterinary Medicine. The IVET Committee unanimously agreed to offer Sydney Miller the IVET loan at the full amount of $40,000 with a $1,500 stipend.

“I appreciate that this loan exists specifically for veterinary students who are going to practice food animal medicine within the state,” said Miller, who grew up in Fayette County. “I can take comfort in the low-interest rates, as well as the loan being dispersed over the course of several years rather than all at once. I’m looking forward to practicing and being a source of support to farmers and their animals.”

Upon graduation from veterinary school, Miller plans to return to her rural community to be a large/mixed animal veterinarian.

The IVET program helps offset the high cost of veterinary education. The program loans up to $40,000 to as many as three veterinary students each year.

Loans are made for a period of two to three years. The loans are repaid over five years, during which time graduates commit to working in a food animal practice that services Illinois livestock farmers.

IFB established IVET in 2005. Since then, the organization has awarded more than $550,000 to 27 veterinary students who focus on caring for food animals in Illinois.

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More information about the program can be found on Illinois Farm Bureau’s website.