By 2038, the Illinois Monarch Project hopes to add 150 million new milkweed stems and nectar-rich sources needed by monarch butterflies to the state’s landscape. To reach this goal, the organization recently launched a new website which provides resources to help people like farmers protect pollinator habitat.

The Illinois Monarch Project is made up of individuals and organizations throughout the state who are passionate about monarch butterflies. Their website went live earlier this month in preparation for National Pollinator Week, celebrated June 22-25, and offers tools for farmers to help pollinators thrive.

Since milkweed is essential to monarch butterflies, many of the practices outlined by the Illinois Monarch Project focus on maintaining these plants. On their website, farmers can find mowing and habitat installation guides, information about planting monarch habitat in non-crop areas and more. These can be used to ensure monarch butterflies and other pollinators have the habitat they need to survive throughout the growing season.

As a member of the Illinois Monarch Project, Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) encourages farmers to use best management practices to establish and protect pollinator habitat.

“Pollinators are essential to our food system and the environment,” said Lauren Lurkins, IFB director of environmental policy. “The resources provided by the Illinois Monarch Project can help our farmers continue to play an important role in supporting pollinator health.”

“Their website shows the big picture of conservation efforts across the state and it is encouraging to know our farmers are doing their part in this initiative,” she said.

Celebrate National Pollinator Week by learning more about managing pollinator habitats on the Illinois Monarch Project website.

For more information on IFB’s pollinator conservation efforts, click here.