What a week of weather in Illinois. Mild temperatures will stay near or above 70 degrees through the weekend with very little rain in the forecast.

“We’re going to have record or near record warmth, kind of depending on individual locations,” DTN Chief Agriculture Meteorologist Bryce Anderson said during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio. “It’s a week where these conditions are going to be under the influence of a real large and very warm ridge of high pressure that’s working eastward out of the Rockies.”

That ridge will spread across the Midwest and the Plains, before being replaced next week by a much colder pattern.

“But the next five days have this real quiet and warm combination,” Anderson said. “And obviously I think we’re going to wrap harvest up for just about everybody and probably get a fair amount of field work done as well during the balance of this week.”

The latest crop report shows 89% of the Illinois corn and 93% of the state's soybean crop has been harvested.

“As far as where the conditions have not been as favorable, thinking about the damaged areas for corn in the western Corn Belt, especially central Iowa, growers there are going to be able to get things pretty well taken care of,” Anderson said.