Warming temperatures are in the forecast for the Memorial Day weekend in Illinois, but the weather pattern will remain active.

“We’re working out of what’s been a round of moderate to heavy rainfall across much of Illinois from the past weekend,” said DTN Chief Agriculture Meteorologist Bryce Anderson during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio. “And for this week it is going to be maybe a little bit calmer, but we will still have some showers in and around the state.”

Temperatures will also be milder entering the weekend with daytime highs climbing into the 80s for most parts of the state.

“However, looking ahead to next week, there’s the prospect for rainfall to continue and the 10- to 14-day period are still looking fairly rainy across the Midwest,” Anderson said.

The rains won’t be as heavy as this past weekend where there were some impressive totals throughout much of Illinois.

“Chicago had almost 8 inches,” Anderson said. “We saw a lot of inch to 2 1/2-inch rains with 3-plus in quite a number of areas.”

That weekend system ran from St. Louis through central Illinois and up into the northern portion of the state.