During the next few weeks, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) plans to contact 2,300 Illinois farmers for the June Agricultural Survey.

“When growers respond to this survey, they provide essential information that helps determine the expected acreage and supply of major commodities in the United States for the 2020 crop year,” said Mark Schleusener, NASS Illinois state statistician. “Results from this survey are used by farmers and ranchers, USDA, businesses, exporters, researchers, economists, policymakers, and others who use the survey information in making a wide range of decisions that benefit the producer.”

Growers can respond to the survey online, by phone or mail. They will be asked to provide information on planted and harvested acreage as of June 1, including acreage for biotech crops and grain stocks.

NASS keeps all individual information confidential and only publishing the data in aggregate form.

NASS will analyze the survey information and publish the results in a series of USDA reports, including the annual acreage and quarterly grain stocks reports to be released June 30.