Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford is starting to add up the January weather numbers.

“So far for the first 27 days of January, statewide, we’re looking about 3 to 4 degrees above average as far as average temperatures are concerned,” he said during a Tuesday interview with RFD Radio. “And actually, if you get closer to the Indiana border, it’s more like 6 to 7 degrees above average.”

There have been a couple of brief cold spells during the month. Last weekend, some areas of the state experienced single-digit temps and sub-zero windchills, but those conditions have not lasted over an extended period.

“January started as much as December ended — much warmer than normal and those persistent warmer or mild conditions have lasted for quite a while,” Ford said. “So, overall this will go down as a pretty warm January.”

Last year, the key weather words were “polar vortex”, but there’s no mention of that this winter.

“They’ve mainly stayed where they belong, up in the Arctic up north,” Ford said. “So, we really haven’t seen those cold air outbursts that those systems can bring just because that cold air has been relegated further north.”