A storm system is headed our way later this week, and the southern part of the state could end up with the most precipitation.

“The National Weather Service seven-day precipitation forecast shows forecasted totals reaching maybe 4 to 5 inches down to the southern part of the state and closer to 1 to 2 inches in the central and northern parts of the state,” said Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford during a visit with RFD Radio.

Ford explained the 8- to 14-day outlook as well as the 30-day and three-month outlooks.

“They’re all showing elevated odds of wetter than normal conditions,” he said. “With the outlooks comes a little bit more uncertainty than the shorter term forecasts, however the consistency of those outlooks showing wetter than normal conditions suggests there is a decent chance that we’ll be seeing excess moisture and impacts related to that into later winter and into spring of 2020.”

Ford continues to follow the outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center and also hydrological conditions.

“What we know is what the land surface looks like right now, where our soils are, where our streams are at and also important is the snowpack in the upper Midwest,” he said. “Those are all important indicators of how much water we’re going to have when the soils do finally freeze and then thaw in the spring.”

Trent Ford took time to reflect on the 2019 weather year