Wet-wetter-wettest: Need for more rain varies across state

(Illinois Farm Bureau file photo)

The southern two-thirds of Illinois experienced a wet week last week and most of the state is expected to experience similar conditions this week.

“We’ll see another good taste of rain over this next week,” Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford said Tuesday morning during a visit with the RFD Radio Network®. “The five-day totals show the entire state to receive over an inch of rain, and we could see some isolated totals of 2 to 3 inches across a pretty broad area from the Metro East area up to east-central Illinois.”

For areas south of Interstate 70 in southern Illinois, more rain isn’t necessarily needed.

“It actually could be a bit of a hazard as far as delaying field work and maybe adding to some flooding conditions,” he said.

In central and northern Illinois, though, the rain is still welcome.

“We still have some soil-moisture deficits, much less than we had last week, but those deficits still remain in really the northern half of the state,” Ford said. “So, this rain could be very beneficial to continue adding moisture to the soil before we get planting.”

Temperatures should remain mild though the week.

“Nothing extremely cold coming in, at least in the next week,” he said.