The big weather story of November has been precipitation, or lack thereof.

“So far the month to date rainfall has been anywhere from 1-3 inches below normal,” said Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio.

The driest part of the state is along the Missouri border, between Pike County and Jackson County.

“That area is anywhere between 2 and 3 inches below normal,” he said.

November follows the fourth wettest October on record in Illinois going back to 1895.

“Most of the state was either fairly wet or very wet in October, and then you had the tap shut off,” Ford said. “And we really haven’t strung together much in the way of precipitation.”

There are rain chances Wednesday night into Thursday in central and southern Illinois, but otherwise mainly dry through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

November temperatures have been running anywhere from 1 to 3 degrees below normal.

“Dry and cool has been this month’s signal,” Ford said.