Even though Illinois hasn’t experienced much measurable snow this winter, the state is in a good place in terms of soil moisture.

 “We’ve continued to see drought just decrease across the state over the last couple of months,” said DTN Agriculture Meteorologist John Baranick during a Tuesday visit with RFD Radio.

Most of the winter precipitation has been in the form of rain.

“It’s actually really incredible because this is not the time of year when this usually happens,” he said. “We normally have to wait until spring.”

Some areas of northern Illinois could get some measurable snow Wednesday night into Thursday, but the rest of the state will just see rain or mixed precipitation.

“If we can keep the soils a little warmer and allow some of this moisture to keep penetrating deeper, we’ll see soil moisture conditions continue to improve heading toward the spring,” Baranick said.

There are still some trouble spots that could use some additional moisture.

“One I see is around Cumberland, Clark and Edgar counties in east central Illinois,” he said.

Another area is near the Ohio River with Alexander and Pulaski counties.