Registration is open for Midwest Dairy’s third annual Dairy Experience Forum July 15.

The virtual event will feature industry experts who will share actionable consumer insights, future forecasting and thought leadership - all to help the dairy supply chain drive demand during today’s rapidly changing food and beverage climate.

Discussions will address questions, such as, “How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted food and beverage trends?” and “What’s next for dairy?”

The 2020 Dairy Experience Forum will begin with a live consumer focus group where attendees will hear firsthand from consumers about how they make their purchasing decisions, how their shopping behaviors may have changed due to COVID-19 and their thoughts around dairy products and farming.

Following the focus group, there will be virtual small group breakout sessions to discuss the information that was shared and brainstorm how the supply chain can learn from and use these key learnings to continue to connect with consumers and increase demand.

Dairy farmers and industry members can register by clicking here.