Dear Editor,

I always look forward to your newspaper. This week I was impressed with the article, “Neighbors harvest for fallen farmer.”

It is certainly typical of good neighbors throughout the Corn Belt. It must have really been a sight with nine large combines, 20 semis and all the other equipment. It was surely a blessing to the family, and they have our condolences.

The whole newspaper has a good set of articles, so different than the numerous newspapers with all their advertisements, etc.

Farming has really changed since I was a child. Born in 1931, I believe that my generation has seen the greatest development of farm machinery in history.

I started out when there were still quite a few horses used, but there was already a beginning of tractors, combines with steel wheels.

Then came rubber tires, all sizes of tractors and combines. I do remember the old threshing machines and I actually did sit on the tractor metal seat to stop it if necessary.

When I retired from farming in 1996, I still used a four-row planter.

So, the advancement has really changed in the last 25 years. The generation before me had never seen the fantastic technology that is available in machinery of today.

Keep on with the FarmWeek CropWatchers. I’m very happy to see so many of them that bring in acknowledgement of almighty God.

John Gramm