Every growing season delivers new and/or different crop production challenges. Maybe you’ve already secured your 2020 crop production needs (crop protection, crop nutrition, plant health, seed, etc.), or maybe you’re still working through the planning process. Either way, now is the right time to consider what agronomic practices have the most potential to positively affect farm profitability, assist in reducing risks and offer the best strategies to improve the overall return on investment for your operation.

There are several factors to consider, many of which you can directly address using experience, knowledge or a combination of both. Activities and practices, such as weed, crop and nutrient management, can individually or in combination have direct impact on production and profitability (positively or negatively). The question posed by many individuals is, “What activities or practices have historically offered the most benefit in my area?” The best way to answer this question and address individual needs is to follow three simple steps:

1. Learn – analyzing the results of field level agronomic experiences;

2. Recommend – creating recommendations utilizing insight gained through observation and analysis during the growing season; and

3. Execute – delivering positive impact on yield and economics by utilizing technology and analytics.

Your local FS Crop Specialist can help you to implement these three steps using MiField™, a program that focuses on offering you the most insight into your profitability and risk reduction strategies. During the past several years, FS Crop Specialists have conducted thousands of local field level research trials to better understand the impact of various agronomic practices and activities. A few highlights of these trials include:

• Nitrogen management systems in corn, 239 trials, four-year average 9.6-plus bushels per acre;

• VT fungicide in corn, 262 trials, four-year average 11.7-plus bushels per acre, $15.80-plus return on investment (ROI);

• R3 fungicide in soybeans, 195 trials, four-year average 4.4-plus bushels per acre, $15.02-plus ROI;

• R3 fungicide plus foliar nutrition in soybeans, 91 trials, four-year average, 5.6-plus bushels per acre, $20.93-plus ROI; and

• Sulfur in corn, 99 trials, four-year average 4.5-plus bushels per acre, $6.12-plus ROI.

Contact your local FS Crop Specialist today to talk with them about planning your MiField™ trials in 2020, and about answering your agronomic questions and addressing your profitability and risk reduction strategies utilizing multiyear MiField™ trial results.