The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced a two-year delay of the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) requirement.

This delay was expected. A database for trainers to register with the agency, called the Training Provider Registry (TPR), still isn’t available. State driver licensing agencies are also required to verify training took place using the TPR.

With trainers unable to register or publish training records, and the states were unable to prove the training took place, the delay was necessary.

Now, beginning Feb. 7, 2022, before a driver may apply for or upgrade to a Class A or B CDL or seek an endorsement for hazardous materials (H), passengers (P), or school busses (S), the driver must complete entry-level driver training.

This training only applies to drivers applying for a CDL, upgrading to a new class of CDL, or seeking an additional endorsement. Those renewing an existing CDL and not seeking to change the class of license or add an endorsement will not be required to undergo training along with those testing for a non-CDL.

Details on the training and trainers are being worked out by the FMCSA and will be released at a later date.

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Kirby Wagner serves as assistant director of transportation and infrastructure for Illinois Farm Bureau.