View from the Road

Last time we talked, there was hope we’d see the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fees published for 2020 by now as well as a delay in the entry level driver training (ELDT) requirements.

Unfortunately, we rang in 2020 without news on both fronts. What does that mean going forward?

The UCR fees for 2020 have not been published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). That group evaluates the UCR program every year to ensure that the fees generated from that program do not exceed statutory maximums. This is the third straight year the fees have been delayed.

The UCR board will discuss the fees this month but it does not have the authority to publish them. The board will also talk about recommending a longer time period for requiring payment once the fees have been published. It originally recommended 90 days, but due to the delay, a longer implementation requirement might be needed.

Early last month, we heard rumors that a two-year delay of ELDT requirements for drivers seeking to obtain or upgrade to a Class A or B CDL would come out in mid-December. 

The FMCSA has now issued a proposal to delay the training compliance date for two years.

Until a driver database can be built, though, trainers are unable to register drivers for training, and states will be unable to confirm training took place.

I hope by this time next month we see both provisions finalized.

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Kirby Wagner serves as assistant director of transportation and infrastructure for Illinois Farm Bureau.