There’s plenty on the docket this year for the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF).

“The two big things we’re looking at with the new Congress coming into session are the USMCA trade agreement as well as the agricultural labor bill that passed the House last December,” said NMPF spokesperson Alan Bjerga during a visit this week with RFD Radio.

He remains confident USMCA “can get done soon” even with the impeachment trial looming over Washington.

“But until the ink is dry from the signature of the president’s pen, you kind of have to keep your foot on the gas because you don’t want it to fade into an election year,” Bjerga said.

As far as the latest with the agricultural labor bill, he calls it “a little bit of a heavier lift” in the nation’s capital.

“But we’re a lot further along than a lot of people thought that agriculture was going to be even a few months ago,” Bjerga said. “The House passed an ag labor bill that was not perfect, but we supported it to get through the House because you can’t conference something with the Senate and create a final law until you have something through both chambers.”

The focus is now on the Senate getting something done with the ag labor legislation in short order.

“Again, the clock is always ticking in an election year,” Bjerga said. “It’s tough to get something done later and later in an election year.”