Non-specialty crop producers who have a contract in existence on January 15 may still be eligible for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP).

Eligible contracts include basis, basis fixed, no price established, delayed price and deferred price. These occur when a producer locks in a basis leaving the future price to be set later or when a producer delivers a commodity without setting a sales price.

Ineligible contracts include those that a producer receives a cash price for when a commodity is sold or based on a future delivery. These contracts include cash, fixed price, forward price and cash forward.

Minimum price, option and window contracts are also ineligible. These occur when a producer locks in the cash price and buys a call option to establish a minimum price. Lastly, hedge to arrive, futures fixed contracts and futures contracts, or when a producer locks in a futures price leaving the basis to be set later, are ineligible.

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