Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fees are published after a monthslong delay in registration. However, farm vehicle owners face a June 1 registration deadline, said Kirby Wagner, Illinois Farm Bureau assistant director of transportation and infrastructure.

Registration started Thursday (Feb. 13), and enforcement will begin June 1. UCR registration was delayed in October until the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration completed adjustments for 2020 fee levels.

Fees for the registration year 2020 were reduced below 2019 levels by 14.45%, Wagner noted.

Any farm vehicle owner required to have and display a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number must also register and pay a UCR fee. There is no farmer exemption from the UCR or USDOT number.

The new fees for commercial vehicles are $59 for up to two vehicles; $176, three to five vehicles; $351, six to 20 vehicles; and $1,224, 21 to 100 vehicles.

The reductions were made to ensure the funds collected do not exceed the dollar limit that statute allows.

To register online, visit UCR orĀ Illinois Commerce Commission.