Farmers engage in fight for VOTE 'NO' Progressive Tax

More than 2,000 Illinois farmers have signed a petition pledging to vote "no" on the Progressive Tax Constitutional Amendment question in the upcoming election. 

“This level of response in such a short period of time shows the importance of voting ‘NO’ on the Progressive Tax to our state’s agricultural future,” said Dennis Green, farmer from Lawrenceville and Chairperson of NO Progressive Tax – Illinois Farm Bureau. “By signing this petition, these farmers agree the current flat rate tax is the better way to tax income in Illinois, and our state should not move to a progressive tax.

“This proposed progressive tax will not fix our state’s financial problems. The progressive tax initially would shift the taxing burden on the highest earners in the state – but raising taxes on the highest earners may, in the long run, only lead to higher taxes for all of us,” said Green. “The revenue estimates from the proposed progressive tax structure will not meet Springfield’s projected spending in the years to come. Which means, many of our incomes will be the target of the next tax increase.”

The NO Progressive Tax – Illinois Farm Bureau campaign has been working to educate Illinois Farm Bureau members and all voters throughout the state about the concerns and potential pitfalls of a progressive tax.

“We have been asking farmers to encourage their families, friends and neighbors to Vote ‘NO’ on the Constitutional Amendment and defeat the progressive tax,” Green said.