RIMSAP contribution to RSPP

Rural Illinois Medical Student Assistance Program (RIMSAP) representatives contribute to the endowment fund for the Rural Student Physician Program (RSPP). Left to right are, Dr. Meenakshy Aiyer and Dr. Kelvin Wynn, both representing RSPP, and RIMSAP board representatives, Illinois Farm Bureau Director Kenton Thomas, Board Vice Chairwoman Dr. Julie Brown, and Illinois Farm Bureau Director Steve Stallman. (Photo by Kay Shipman)

A program to train rural student physicians will continue thanks to a $500,000 donation.

The Rural Illinois Medical Student Assistance Program (RIMSAP), sponsored by the Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois State Medical Society, presented a contribution Tuesday to the endowment fund for the Rural Student Physician Program (RSPP) at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

“This contribution guarantees that RSPP will continue into the foreseeable future because of this endowment,” said Dr. Paul Pedersen, RIMSAP chairman. “This is a historic moment for all of us.”

IFB Director Steve Stallman added the IFB has always been supportive of the presence of physicians in rural communities because many Farm Bureau members live in rural areas.

In accepting the donation, Dr. Meenakshy Aiyer said the contribution will help the college to continue to train future physicians and prepare them for the challenges facing small towns and rural Illinois.

As a former rural physician, Dr. Kelvin Wynn added he was impressed that RIMSAP has supported efforts in rural medicine since 1948.

RIMSAP aims to increase the number of rural primary care physicians in Illinois.

RSPP will continue “to get physicians into rural communities where they need to be and to help alleviate the disparity,” Wynn said. “Thank you for investing in the future.”