The Illinois Department of Agriculture announced July 20 the election results for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board (ICMB) and the Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board (ISPOB). Each elected director will serve a three-year term.

Sheep and Wool Marketing Board directors for districts 2 and 5 will be appointed.

Elected ICMB directors and their districts include:

  • District 2: Jon Rosenstiel, Pearl City;
  • District 5: Art Bunting, Dwight;
  • District 8, Ross E. Pauli, Edwards;
  • District 11: Wayne Rosenthal, Morrisonville; and
  • District 14: Dale Handrich, Waterloo.

Elected ISPOB directors and their districts include:

  • District 2: Steve Pitstick, Maple Park;
  • District 10: Elliott Uphoff, Shelbyville;
  • District 11, Matthew J. Murray, Paxton;
  • District 14, Brad Daugherty, West Union;
  • District 16, Brian H. Atteberry, Carmi; and
  • District 17, Nick Harre, Nashville.