Local makes the difference, cattleman Sam Deisher assures customers of Foxglove Acres Ranch.

When his farmers market customers ask the young farmer for his family’s secret to tasty beef, Sam tells them the difference boils down to where their meat came from.

“I tell them, ‘Local beef is like local honey. It’s good for you and flavorful,’” he explained.

The Deisher family, Dave and Kris and their children, Jacob, Sam and Isabelle, are involved with Foxglove Acres Ranch near Mount Carmel in Wabash County. Currently, the Deishers care for 90 head in their cow-calf operation.

Most of the cattle are raised on pasture throughout their lives, Sam said, adding a few animals are finished on grain.

When Dave Deisher bought the farm, he continued its grass-fed tradition with a herd of Charolais cattle. The family’s herd will soon add a touch of Angus courtesy of a newly purchased bull.

Foxglove Acres Ranch sells freezer beef or live animals. Follow the ranch on Facebook at foxgloveacresranch. Consumers may message the family on Facebook or email foxgloveacres@gmail.com.

Customers can buy whole, half or quarter beef or different cuts and products, such as bone broth. The family sells ground beef and different cuts from 8 to 11 a.m. every Saturday at the Wabash County Farmers Market in Mount Carmel. The family strongly supports fellow local farmers and even refers consumers to other farms if they don’t have exactly what the customer wants, Sam said.

In addition to caring for their cattle, each family member works off the farm. Sam, who chairs the Wabash County Farm Bureau Young Leader Committee, works for a local grain farmer.

The Deishers are very involved with their community and work to educate the public about the cattle industry. Recently, Sam gave a tour and presentation to educators participating in a Summer Ag Institute.

Editor’s note: Cultivating Our Communities is a collaboration by Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton, Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Specialty Growers Association to raise awareness of the farmers and businesses that grow, raise, process and sell diverse farm products across Illinois.